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Being Active - Yoga, Meditation & Running

Today I thought I would I talk to you about the different ways I like to keep fit and healthy.  So for more years than I can remember, I have practiced Hatha yoga.  I practice it round 4 -5 days per week and I practice on my own.  I have attended classes in the past, both Hatha and Bikram, but even when I attend a class, I will still practice Hatha yoga on my own.  I would recommend yoga to everyone, it is amazing, it is good for flexibility and strength; some of the postures will directly work to alleviate many ailments and it is great for a sense of wellbeing,

I also like to meditate.  Meditation is fabulous and can increase relaxation, decreases aging and help with many different issues, such as: high blood pressure; anxiety; insomnia and sleep problems; PMT, it helps with allergies and autoimmune ailments for example.  Meditation is something else that you can do as part of a group or alone.

I am a regular runner – I love to run; this is another activity that have taken part in for many years.  I tend to run on my own and I try to run three times a week.  I like to time my run and I always listen to music when I run.  It is great for that feel good factor. 

If I have inspired you to practice yoga, meditate or run, then go give it a try!  If you take up yoga, I would recommend that you join a class if you are new to it, so that you can learn the correct postures and alignments.  Likewise, I would recommend either joining a mediation group or getting a good book on meditation techniques and then practice.  It can be hard to meditate when you first try to stop that chatter in your head, but eventually you learn. 

If you think running could be your things, but you have not ran for many years, I would recommend going for a walk. Not the strolling in the park type of walk, but a determined power walks and go out for around 20 minutes if you can. Then, gradually turn that walk into part walk and part run and eventually try just running your route, but remember, you can always walk a bit if you need to. If running alone is not for you, you could join a group, such as a ‘park run’ or a running club, or just join up with a friend!

I am happy to answer any questions you have so please contact me.

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