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Do You Fear Flying?

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Fear of Flying

Do you dream of holidaying in Bermuda, but settle for Bournemouth? If your fear of flying, sometimes called aviophobia or aviatophobia, keeps you grounded, you are not alone. Fear of flying is a very common phobia which can seriously limit your horizons. In fact one in ten of us fears flying. In reality, statistics show that flying is one of the safest modes of travel. In fact, the most perilous part of the journey will be the car drive to the airport.

The fear of flying has very little to do with the plane crashing, but a lot to do with other factors.

These factors can include:

• Fear of flying because a person suffers from claustrophobia

• The fear of not being in control

• A fear of turbulence

• Fear of vomiting or seeing someone else vomit

• Fear of not being able to undo the seat belt when needed

• A person may fear not being able to get to the toilet

The use of medication or alcohol to help a person cope with the flight is not recommended. Indeed it perpetuates the problem; building up a tolerance which does nothing to deal with the actual issue, which means that the next flight will be just as frightening as the last.

We are not born with the fear of flying, it is a learnt behaviour and the best way to solve the problem is to address the cause of that fear. Sometimes these fears remain un-triggered in the sub-conscious for years, until some trauma in life triggers the fear and it then becomes a major issue in a person’s life.

With hypnotherapy working with the subconscious mind it is possible to unlock those causes and deal with them, ridding the person from the fear and anxiety.

Why live with it, when you can live without it?

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