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Do You Suffer Panic Attacks Or Anxiety?

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We all experience anxiety from time to time; whether it be because we have to sit an exam or test, attending an interview, because we are starting a new job, or having an operation. These worries and feelings can disrupt your sleep, make you lose your appetite and affect your concentration. This short term anxiety has a purpose. It can make us more alert and more focused.

There is a very important reason we sometimes feel anxious and fearful, as these feelings can help protect us from danger. When we have these feelings the body releases a hormone called adrenalin; this causes the heart to beat faster, we breathe faster, we sweat, our mouth may feel dry our senses become more acute and the brain becomes more alert. This is called the “fight or flight reflex and enable us to protect ourselves by either running away or fighting. Once the danger has passed, our bodies return to normal.

In additional to those feelings of anxiety, various other symptoms may occur during a panic attack. These may include:

  • Palpitations
  • Sweating
  • Hot flushes or chills
  • Short of breath, sometimes with choking sensations
  • Chest pains
  • Feeling nausea, dizzy or faint
  • Fear of dying or that you are going crazy
  • Numbness or pins and needles
  • Feeling of unreality or that you are detached from yourself

There are physical and psychological affects to these stresses and anxieties which can lead to a feeling of being out of control. This can result in becoming trapped in a “vicious cycle”. A feeling of anxiety develops due to the dread of feeling anxious. This can lead to a sufferer feeling negative and pessimistic. Sometimes panic attacks can lead to agoraphobia.

With the use of hypnotherapy suffers can get to the bottom of the problem that is causing the anxiety and stress. Hypnotherapy also uses relaxing techniques which can help relax the mind and body enabling you to take control of the anxiety when a feared situation is faced.

Why not arrange for a confidential chat, to see how I can help you with the aid of hypnotherapy?

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