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Lifestyle Transformation Expert

I am Jade Amma, a Lifestyle Transformation Expert and hypnotherapist.  I am also part way through studying for a psychology degree.

If you have ever watched any of my vlogs or read any of my blogs, you are probably wondering why you should be interested in listening to me?   What can I offer you that will make a difference to your life and how can I add value to your life?

My main focus is Weight Loss and Weight Management, plus, Menopause help.  I offer my support, my guidance and lifestyle advice to motivate you to make the changes to your life, so that you can achieve your goals, whether they are weight related or not.   I provide the same type of support, guidance, and lifestyle advice to help women cope with and adapt to the menopause.   But my methods can be used to support any goals that you need help and support to achieve.  

I am, what I preach and I live and practice my own rules!

I combine all this advice and help with hypnotherapy.   

If you have anxieties, if you are depressed, have a low mood or need to build your self –confidence - I can help you, with the aid of my lifestyle advice and hypnotherapy. 

If you are unhappy with the direction of your life… 

If you want to set new goals -  but this time see them through to the end…

If you want to transform your life – lose weight, build your self-confidence, get healthy again, but don’t know how… 

I can help you.   You are not alone and you can achieve those things that you have tried and failed in the past.

New for 2017, I will be creating some webinars that focus solely on helping people loss weight, maintain a healthy lifestyle or manage the menopause or any other goal you have set your heart on achieving. 

More news to come!

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