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Mindfulness Meditation

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What is mindfulness? Is it the same as meditation? These are a questions I am often asked.

Mindfulness is the process of attending to experiences, that are happening to and around you at that present moment. Mindfulness is meditation. Quite often you will see it described as ‘mindfulness meditation’.

So, you may now be thinking, “If mindfulness is meditation, what is the difference between, mindfulness, meditation and hypnosis (for therapy)?” Well the main difference is that mindfulness meditation is a self -induced light form of hypnosis, with self-awareness. Whereas, hypnosis for therapy, works on a slightly deeper level, you will be in a slight trance like state, but still very much aware of what is happening around you.

Mindfulness is known to improve the mental wellbeing of those that practice it and therefore it is becoming increasingly popular. It is recognised by the National Health Service (NHS) for its wellbeing abilities and the corporate world is engaging practitioners to deliver mindfulness workshops, to stressed executives, managers and their workforce. The Harvard Business School have even written books about mindfulness and its benefits in business!

Some of the beautiful things about mindfulness, is that you do not need to have any experience, you can do it anywhere you feel that you will be undisturbed and it does not have to take long, in fact you can do a five-minute booster session when your stress levels are getting a little high. Mindfulness is a fantastic skill to have in your stress prevention tool kit.

If you would like to learn how to be mindful, you can learn to do so by yourself (i.e. by self-help books, etc.,) , but I would always recommend trying a mindfulness group. People are social beings and therefore we like doing things together, plus the social interaction with other people is beneficial to wellbeing, especially if you are spending a long time on your own, in your every day life.

Corporate mindfulness sessions, are held at the workplace and are structured to fit in with business requirements and would be delivered as a course, over a few weeks.


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