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How to quit smoking with the help of hypnotherapy

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Hypnotherapy seems to be widely known for its ability to help people quit smoking. In general, it is seen that it is possible, with the help of hypnotherapy to give up smoking after only one session of hypnotherapy. But, as we are aware, we are all individuals and one person will be able to give up after one session, whilst another person may need two and another may even need three sessions and let us not forget those that can give the habit up without any help whatsoever!

The use of hypnotherapy is extremely effective for those people that are harden smokers that have been smoking regularly for the majority of their lives; those people who you may think would find it hard or impossible to give up because they have been smoking for so long and it has become a real habit! Yes, hypnotherapy can even help them. Hypnotherapy makes giving up easier.

This therapy uses some of the most basic hypnotherapy techniques – direct suggestion. Unless the smoking is associated with an anxiety, in which case, the anxiety will need treating as well.

The initial consultation and therapy usually takes between 1 – 1 ½ hours where you will get some practical help and some positive input. You will learn how hypnotherapy can help you and what your role will be in the process, so, by the end of the session you will leave a non-smoker and you will be very clear what you have to do to remain a non-smoker.

The costs of smoking are eye-watering! A packet of 20 cigarettes now costs around £9.91. So, giving up could save you quite a sum of money. The Office for National Statistics states that an average smoker will smoke 11 cigarettes a day, so if you are a typical smoker, you could save almost £2,000 a year by giving up. Now isn’t that a compelling reason to find out how hypnotherapy can help you give up?

Whatever your problem, why not see if hypnotherapy can help you?

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