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Sugar Detox And Why You Should Consider It!

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The meaning of Detoxification: It is the process of abstention from toxic substances, until the bloodstream is free of all toxins (or shall we just call them poisons, because that is what they are - poisonous to the body).

The body detoxifies through the skin (the biggest organ of the body), the lungs, kidneys, lymphatic system, the colon, but the main organ, is the liver. When you detox for a period of time it allows the body to cleanse itself of toxins.

In today’s world, we are exposed to thousands of toxins each day and these are potentially harmful to our health. Toxins can come from man-made sources such as foods, but we are also exposed to them through our water and the polluted air we breathe. Our bodies also produce toxins within ourselves. As we are continually exposed to these toxins day after day, the level of toxicity builds up in our bodies. The body has the ability to detoxify, via the liver and kidneys, but sometimes we need to give our bodies a helping hand. By detoxifying, we aim to relieve some of the stress that major organs can come under, to allow the body to cleanse itself and excrete these harmful toxins.

Note that some of the toxins we surround ourselves with in daily life, we will not even recognize as toxins, such as the cleaning products we use, the air fresheners, etc.

If fat loss is your goal then detoxifying your body and improving your health, from the inside should be where you initially start. The key to fat loss is to create a clean environment in the body. When the body is clean, our fat loss potential is massively increased, because it allows the liver to can stop working tirelessly to get rid of toxins produced naturally inside the body, or man-made toxins, preservatives and chemicals we consume (i.e. in processed, low fat, sugary, man made foods).

The liver’s main function is to burn fat as an energy source, but when we consume foods full of toxins; the liver turns its attention to ridding the body of those toxins. When the body becomes overwhelmed with toxins, or the body finds it difficult to get rid of them, the body stores these toxins in fat cells (where they can do the least potential harm to the body). However storing toxins in your adipose tissue is still not desirable.

Toxins and free radicals do their damage in the blood stream until the liver removes them you are always going to struggle to burn body fat on ANY diet.

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Going on a 7-Day Sugar Detox is a very efficient way to kick start your weight loss.

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